"Characterize Me" customizable illustration
Character illustrations used on blogs are often purchased from stock photos sites, like istockphoto. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Except that anyone can buy the exact illustration you so love!

“I don’t want the same illustrated character everyone else uses, but what other choice do I have?”

“Characterize Me!” is a cute character illustration that can be personalized to be uniquely yours. Simply select from numerous customization options such as skin tone, hair color and style, eye color, shirt color, accessories, and more.

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“But isn’t a customized illustration dreadfully expensive?”

Actually, “Characterize Me!” costs less than istockphoto illustrations of comparable quality – you know, the ones that every Jane and Jill has on her site.

  • $47 for the web-ready version
  • $57 for the web-ready and print-ready versions combined.

You’d need to pay $75 – $175  for enough credits to purchase a similar type and quality of illustration at istockphoto. *gulp*

“I want one! How can I get it?”

Just go to the order page, make your option choices, and click the Add to Order button at the bottom of the page.

“That was a fast turn-around! I made my order very quickly and it went so well I went over it 3x thinking surely I must have missed something. I never changed anything and the finished product is wonderful.”

Ginger, Attention Deal Shoppers

Terms of Use (License and Copyright Info)

By purchasing a “Characterize Me” illustration from Berries and Cream Blog Design, you are agreeing to abide by the following terms of use.

  • All copyrights remain with Paula E. Batchelor, illustrator.
  • The illustration may be used on any personal project as long as no money is made from the use of the illustration.
  • The illustration may NOT be used in any commercial project. “Commercial project” is defined as any project from which you would make money. Invitations, web designs, and scrapbooking papers/elements made to sell to others are all examples of commercial projects.

Due to the digital nature of this illustration, NO refunds will be given.

Quest for the West character“We are super impressed with the characterize me! I’ve already used it for our twitter account and our
facebook page!”

Amanda, Quest for the West